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Clematis terniflora

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Clematis terniflora
Sweetautumn clematis

Culture: This species thrives with neglect, but prefers moist slightly acid soils and full sun to partial shade. Although it partially dies back in winter, plants quickly re-grow in the spring. The vigorous nature of this plant allows it to climb over adjacent plantings and take over an area. It also sends up numerous seedlings around the yard. It can be a nuisance to get rid of. Despite the vigor, this plant is a beautiful ornamental that is widely used.

The sweetautumn climatis has few insect and disease problems.

Usage: Perhaps best grown on lattice trellises or chain-link fences, this vine can manage to cover the entire fence and provide screening. It has a tendency to bunch up at the top over time. Some points of attachment must be provided for plants to climb to the top of large arbors.

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