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Populus nigra 'Italica'
Lombardy poplar

Culture: Culture: This male selection is very adaptable in terms of site requirements. It performs best in full sun and is pH adaptable. It maintains an extremely fast growth rate in either wet or dry sites.

Lombardy black poplar is severely affected by Dothichiza canker that causes a major crown dieback that starts at the top and progressively moves down the trunk until the plant dies. The net result is a fast-growing and fast-dying plant.

Usage: The very narrow habit and fast growth rate has resulted in its extensive use to define property boundaries. This was true in both rural areas where rows of soldier-like trees defined the homestead property and in suburban areas where it was placed along property lines to define ownership. Fortunately most gardeners are now aware of its short lifespan and its usage since the 1970's has been dramatically reduced.

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