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Ulmus parvifolia

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Ulmus parvifolia
Chinese elm

Culture: This adaptable species is easy to transplant, pH adaptable and not real choosy about its soils. Although the wood of this species is stronger than that of Siberian elm, it is only of moderate strength and will fail under severe icing conditions as evidenced by the Valentine’s day ice storm of 1990 in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area.

Although not completely immune to Dutch Elm Disease, it shows good resistance to it and is generally not a concern. It is also typically less bothered by elm leaf beetles and Japanese beetles than other elms. Generally it is fairly trouble-free.

Usage: This small shade or specimen tree should be located where its handsome bark can be appreciated up close. The fine texture of this species facilitates its blending with other species or use en masse. Although there are numerous cultivated selections, many are not winter hardy in the North.

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