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Ilex crenata
Japanese holly

Culture: Like most other hollies this species prefers moist slightly acidic soils. It can be grown from full sun to fairly dense shade and it transplants readily. Because this species tolerates heavy pruning, it is often sheared to keep its shape very formal and dense. An organic mulch is recommended to prevent summer drying of the roots and winter injury to the roots. Lack of cold hardiness is a major limiting factor for use in the Midwest and Northeastern US.

This species is highly susceptible to black knot disease, and can also have problems with nematodes and spider mites.

Usage: Commonly used in the shrub border, in shady or sunny locations and as a backdrop to colorful flowering shrubs. It is used in foundation plantings and is also sheared into hedges. Newer dwarf selections increase the usefulness of this species.

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