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Populus alba

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Populus alba
White poplar

Culture: Culture: White poplar is adaptable to a wide range of cultural conditions including wet or dry, and is tolerant of road salt and air pollution. This species is easy to transplant, fairly fast growing and is quite weak wooded, which results in a continuous dropping of twigs. Roots of this plant should be kept away from tile lines that they will readily seek out and block. This is not a tree meant for the fine landscape!

Although potentially susceptible to a variety of cankers, this species is generally more resistant than others in this genus and usually will have only minor problems with them. It is fairly resistant to Dothichiza canker that kills many poplars. Despite this, it is still relatively short to medium lived tree.

Usage: Because of its messiness, weak wooded nature and susceptibility to a number of nuisance insects and diseases, this species is best left unplanted. It is used where a fast growing tree or a tree adaptable to wet sites is desired, often in less economically prosperous neighborhoods. Because the bark and foliage are quite attractive its continued usage is assured. There are however, many better species available.

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