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Spiraea prunifolia
Bridalwreath spirea

Culture: Quite adaptable like most spireas, this species flowers and performs best in full sun with well-drained soils. Although the plants will grow with some shade, they flower best in sunny locations. They are fibrous rooted and easy to transplant. Annual pruning is frequently needed to remove some of the fine branches that seem to dieback in many winters. This species also benefits from a regular renewal pruning, a removal of the oldest branches to the ground, to keep the plants looking their best. If necessary, entire plants can be cut within a few inches of the ground and they will come back nicely.

The Bridalwreath spirea is generally fairly trouble-free although Flint reports problems with aphids.

Usage: This is considered an old-fashioned favorite for its beautiful double flowers on the 'Plena' form that commonly represents this species in the trade. Unfortunately the leggy and somewhat irregular habit detracts much from the potential beauty of this species. It is thus not high on most recommendation lists.

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