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Rhododendron 'PJM'
PJM rhododendron

Culture: This is one of the most reliable rhododendrons for northern climates, doing well in the Midwest and tolerating full sun to partial shade and neutral soil pH. Plants perform best in partial shade with well-drained acidic soils. Their ability to tolerate near neutral soils, gives them a fighting chance in the Midwest where we lack sufficient acidity that is required by most members of this genus and family. See Rhododendron catawbiense for more complete information on culture of this genus.

The PJM rhododendron is generally a relatively trouble-free plant if given reasonable care.

Usage: This selection and its close relatives that are in excess of 50 cultivars, perform well as specimen plants, in small groupings and as foundations plants if the appropriate cultural conditions are present. They are especially showy when massed together with a dark background.

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