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Viburnum dentatum
Arrowwood viburnum

Culture: The Arrowwood viburnum is the most adaptable of the viburnums. It is easily transplanted and relatively adaptable to many conditions. It is a good choice for Midwest gardens. It prefers moist, well-drained soil and will grow in sunny locations, but can tolerate at least moderate amounts of shade. In its native areas, it occurs in bottomlands, stream banks and wet woodlands. Plants may suffer in droughty conditions. Some renewal pruning is necessary to keep them looking their best in the landscape.

No serious insect or disease problems affect the Arrowood viburnum.

Usage: Viburnum dentatum makes a good hedge or screen. It also works well massed in a shrub border, or may be used for naturalizing purposes. It is a multi-purpose shrub, offering a nice flower display, slightly ornamental fruits, and nice fall color. The Arrowwood viburnum also attracts wildlife to the garden. Since it suckers and spreads, it may be best suited to a contained space or in naturalized situations.

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